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Kindergarten – 8th Grade

The curriculum of Saint Bernard Catholic School is consistent with the curriculum endorsed for the State of Indiana. We continuously strive for alignment of our curriculum with the Indiana Academic Standards. All teachers are provided binders that contain information on current state standards as they apply to their subject areas, copies of which are available in the school office. Teachers use checklists to record when a standard is taught. During textbook adoption, teachers search for texts that enhance the teaching of state standards. The teaching staff discusses standards regularly in formal and informal settings.

Beyond state standards

The faculty of Saint Bernard adheres to the subjects and levels set forth in the Indiana State Academic Standards. Many additional topics within the prescribed areas are also addressed. Extending exercises to include thinking skills on the higher end of Bloom’s Taxonomy scale is an important part of the lessons taught. Students learn higher-level thinking skills through modeling by the classroom teacher to encourage more in-depth and thoughtful writing.

Multi-faceted approach within grade levels

To meet the needs of all learners at Saint Bernard Catholic School, teachers use a multi-faceted approach within each grade level, including, but not limited to, various differentiated strategies such as flexible grouping, tiered activities, home projects, audiobooks, writing across the curriculum, and best practices in all instructional areas.